Lambertville Halloween Parade Committee

2018 Halloween Parade

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Please tell us about the people who you are registering, and their costumes
Classic Halloween Witches, ghosts, goblins and jack-o-lanterns—all the characters usually associated with Halloween
Comic Anything intended to make people laugh either because of the costume itself (clown) or the situation it depicts (fish catching fisherman)
Duos Usually for things (salt and pepper shakers), people (Jack and Jill), or animals (cat and dog) that are thought of in pairs. Also sometimes used for unrelated costumes by families who want to keep siblings together.
Fancy Dress Pretty or dramatic costumes (butterfly, fairy princess, emperor).
Fictional Character Characters from novels (Harry Potter), children’s books (Frog and Toad), folklore (Paul Bunyan), cartoons (Snoopy), etc.
Groups Three or more people portraying one theme. There are larger prizes for this category because of the number of people involved.
Historic Costumes from any period of history; may be generic (colonial girl), or portray a particular person (Abraham Lincoln) or event (Washington crossing the Delaware).
Impersonations May be impersonation of a real person (Elvis), TV or movie character (Batman) or occupation (race car driver).
Original Unusual homemade costume (giant shoe) or idea (ambulance chasing lawyer).
There is no one “right” category for a particular costume. Many will easily fit into several. It is up to participants (or their parents) to choose the category they feel is most appropriate for their costume.

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