Lambertville Halloween Parade Committee

2018 Halloween Parade

Welcome to one of the oldest Halloween parades in New Jersey!

This annual event has been sponsored by the City of Lambertville for over 75 years, and is made possible through the generous donations made by local organizations and businesses.

The winners of the 2018 prizes are

PrizeTag NumberCostume Name
Best in Parade 3009 Gruesome Cuisine
Most Creative 6000 Famous Works of Art
Mrs. Meserve Award 6004 Galaxy Fest
Best Representation of a Person, Movies or TV 5003 Luke skywalker x-wing pilot(on unicycle), Princess Leia and r2d2 baby
Most Artistic 9004 The Gumball Machine
Best Home Made Costume 2000 Pinata
Comic – First Place 2001 Super ladybug girl
Historic – First Place 7000 Lumberjack
Historic – Second Place 3005 Bob Ross and his masterpiece
Original – First Place 9000 Mousetrap
Original – Second Place 9002 The Midnight Dragon and Her Fierce some Friend
Original – Third Place 9001 Sydney the Dalmatian
Fancy Dress – First Place 4000 Devlish Angel
Fancy Dress – Second Place 4001 Rapunzel
Fictional Characters – First Place 5009 Fortnite Character "Gitty Up"
Fictional Characters – Second Place 5007 Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor
Fictional Characters – Third Place 5002 Star Wars Pirates captured 3CPO and R2D2
Duos – First Place 3006 Zombie Fearleaders
Duos – Second Place 3011 Muana and Maui
Duos – Third Place 3007 Cruella Devil and Patch
Classic Halloween – First Place 1007 mummies and a unicorn
Classic Halloween – Second Place 1006 Witch of the Dead
Classic Halloween – Third Place 1000 Black Cat and Vampire
Groups – First Place 6007 Sushi Platter
Groups – Second Place 6006 The Seuss Mobile!!
Groups – Third Place 6003 Four Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Impersonations – First Place 8004 Uma from Disney"s Decendants
Impersonations – Second Place 8007 SWAT Cop
Impersonations – Third Place 8000 Thor

All winners must claim their prize at City Hall, 18 York Street, Lambertville, NJ by Friday, November 16th, 2018.
All participants are winners and we appreciate the time you devoted to your costume and the parade!

Thanks to the sponsors who have made the prizes for the 2018 Halloween Parade possible!

  • Garefino Funeral Home
  • Lambertville Trading Company
  • Homestead Farm Market
  • Artcraft Shoe Service
  • Suplee, Clooney & Co.
  • Manon Restaurant
  • Inn of the Hawke
  • Mitchell’s Café
  • Lambertville Station
  • Michael Burns Architects
  • CA Niece
  • Caffe Galleria
  • Van Horn Funeral Home