Lambertville Halloween Parade Committee

2017 Halloween Parade

Welcome to one of the oldest Halloween parades in New Jersey!

This annual event has been sponsored by the City of Lambertville for over 75 years, and is made possible through the generous donations made by local organizations and businesses.

The winners of the 2017 prizes are

Prize Tag# Costume Name
Best in Parade 9004 Sir Toppham Hatt
Most Creative 2000 Flushy
Mrs. Meserve Award 9007 Invisible Man
Best Representation of a Person, Movies or TV 8012 Aladdin
Most Artistic 1014 Mad Scientist
Best Home Made Costume 2001 Bowl of Cereal
Dot Kitchen Memorial Award 6000 "HAPPY SMILES"
Comic – First Place 2002 Chicken
Historic – First Place 7001 Sheriff Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Historic – Second Place 7002 Family of Pirates
Historic – Third Place 7000 Victorian Lady
Original – First Place 9005 Flock of Flamingos
Original – Second Place 9008 Swamp Monster
Original – Third Place 9003 Rocky - Flying Pumpkin Helicopter Bubble Machine / Larry - Unicorn
Fancy Dress – First Place 4004 Flamenco Dancers
Fancy Dress – Second Place 4002 Salazar the Fighter from Dungeons and Dragons
Fancy Dress – Third Place 4006 Fairy Princess
Fictional Characters – First Place 5015 Hawkgirl
Fictional Characters – Second Place 5011 Pippi Longstocking
Fictional Characters – Third Place 5007 The Vampire Lestat in his punk rock phase
Duos – First Place 3007 Fluffy the Happy Lion and Carlos the Bloody Lion Tamer
Duos – Second Place 3006 The Mad Hatters tea party
Duos – Third Place 3009 Medusa and Greek Goddess
Classic Halloween – First Place 1000 Frankenstein
Classic Halloween – Second Place 1009 Owl
Classic Halloween – Third Place 1013 Jack Skeleton
Groups – First Place 6008 Meet the Flintstones
Groups – Second Place 6004 Circle of Life
Groups – Third Place 6006 Game of Thrones
Impersonations – First Place 9006 Dinosaur
Impersonations – Second Place 8006 WWFamily
Impersonations – Third Place 8004 Swat team
Honorable Mention 9002 iPhone
Honorable Mention 6005 Tintin and Friends
Honorable Mention 5000 Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat
Honorable Mention 5001 Minion
Honorable Mention 1004 Whimsical Witch
Honorable Mention 1002 Pan (goat boy) the God of the wild.
Honorable Mention 3008 Firefighter and Astronaut
Honorable Mention 8010 BB8

All winners must claim their prize at City Hall, 18 York Street, Lambertville, NJ by Friday, November 10th, 2017.
All participants are winners and we appreciate the time you devoted to your costume and the parade!

Thanks to the sponsors who have made the prizes for the 2017 Halloween Parade possible!

  • Garefino Funeral Home
  • Lambertville Trading Co.
  • Homestead Farm Market
  • Liberty Hall Pizza
  • Artcraft Shoe Service
  • Suplee Clooney & Co.
  • Manon Restaurant
  • Inn of the Hawke
  • Hamilton’s Grill Room
  • Mitchell’s Café
  • Lambertville Station
  • Michael Burns Architect
  • Van Horn - McDonough Funeral Home
  • Niece Lumber
  • Caffe Galleria
  • City Market