Lambertville Halloween Parade Committee

2016 Halloween Parade

Welcome to one of the oldest Halloween parades in New Jersey!

This annual event has been sponsored by the City of Lambertville for over 75 years, and is made possible through the generous donations made by local organizations and businesses.

The winners of the 2016 prizes are

Category Number Costume Name
Best in Parade 6017 Stumpti the Stork
Most Creative 9002 Fishing for compliments!
Best Representation of a Famous Person 8005 Michael Jackson
Best Representation of a Person, Movies or TV 9012 Daryl, Michonne, and the Walking Dead
Best Use of Recylced Materials 9007 Winter Witch
Most Artistic 9004 Jellyfish
Most Patriotic 3004 Strange Creatures- Protector and Dog Boy, celebrating 100 years of National Parks Services
Best Home Made Costume 6015 Spaghetti and meatballs
Dot Kitchen Memorial Award 6008 Garden Gnomes
Comic – First Place 2007 Bunny in a Top Hat
Comic – Second Place 2006 Puppy For Adoption
Comic – Third Place 2003 Shrek Family
Historic – First Place 7000 Alexander Hamilton
Historic – Second Place 7001 swing dancer
Original – First Place 9014 Mad Scientist
Original – Second Place 9006 Jetpack Dude
Original – Second Place 9018 Cooking Accident
Original – Third Place 9005 Mott's Juice box
Original - Third Place 9010 The Stalker
Fancy Dress – First Place 4002 Pirate~Lady of the Sea
Fancy Dress – Second Place 4003 Wood Elf
Fancy Dress – Third Place 4005 Spider Witch
Fictional Characters – First Place 5000 The Cat in the Hat (and Company)
Fictional Characters – Second Place 5024 Ewok
Fictional Characters – Third Place 5004 Matilda and Miss Trunchbull
Fictional Characters – Third Place 5005 The Tardis
Duos – First Place 3001 Hot Dog French Frie
Duos – Second Place 3008 Lurking Beneath the Tower
Duos – Third Place 3007 Firefighter and his "Fire Puppy"
Classic Halloween – First Place 1008 Necromancer
Classic Halloween – Second Place 1002 Elegant skeleton (Catrin)
Classic Halloween – Third Place 1011 Frankenstein's monster
Groups – First Place 6021 Sir Topham Hat, Lady Hat, Henry the Train
Groups – Second Place 6016 Witch Way Home
Groups – Third Place 6014 Alice in Wonderland
Impersonations – First Place 8010 Invisible Man
Impersonations – Second Place 8011 Beyonce
Impersonations – Third Place 8012 Captain America
Honorable Mention 9019 Dead Lawyer
Honorable Mention 1019 Unicorn
Honorable Mention 2008 Ahsoka

All winners must claim their prize at City Hall, 18 York Street, Lambertville, NJ by Friday, November 18, 2016.
All participants are winners and we appreciate the time you devoted to your costume and the parade!

Thanks to the sponsors who have made the prizes for the 2016 Halloween Parade possible:

  • Garefino Funeral Home
  • Lambertville Trading Co.
  • Homestead Farm Market
  • Artcraft Shoe Service
  • Suplee Clooney & Co.
  • Inn of the Hawke
  • Hamilton’s Grill Room
  • Mitchell’s Café
  • Lambertville Station
  • Michael Burns Architect
  • Niece Lumber
  • Caffe Galleria
  • City Market